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Jewelry Photo Editing

Jewelry retouching is a modern revision of photographs with photoshop editing software such as Photoshop or Lightroom. Its goal is to make the photography item more lucrative by increasing the quality of the photo, such as lighting and color correction, shining stones, stains, or scratch. All these jewelry retouching services are widely asked for commercial purposes. Our jewelry editing really guarantees striking results that attract people due to the absence of brightness, deep color and absence of photo defects.

Photo retouching facilities of high-end diamonds are for dull and painting of image jewellery. Typically, the hardest repair work is jewelry retouching. The preparation of digital pictures of jewelry meets the specific requirements of the consumer. We use the latest techniques and methods to ensure that we provide esteemed customers with nothing but first class results. The high-end jewelry company deals mainly with the question of light and reflection.

In addition, it covers other problems such as color enhancement, background clearing, dust removal, the direction of clipping in Photoshop, photo sharpening, shift color change, and shadow formation. We have gained years of unparalleled experience and have retained the specifics while editing the pictures accurately. With their expertise combined with efficiency, we aim to create amazing pictures of Jewelry without denting your budget. The key factors of our market are efficiency and customer service.

The photo retouching up is a jewelry photo retouching company is second to none. We have several retouchers skilled in the reproduction of jewelry photographs that can accommodate all forms of orders. In addition, we are fitted with the most latest computers, equipment and applications to meet your needs. Our photo editing service allows your online photography company to reach its goal without problems. Just give us the images that need to be retouched and glitter back with the directions in no time.

Our clients are our superiors and we follow their orders to respectfully replace their jewelry. We've worked on certain specific issues over the years as follows:

  • Select the perfect combination of colors
  • Photo merging
  • Delete the dullness from your photos, tits and spots
  • Add the perfect sparkling diamond to your pictures
  • Adjustment of shadow quality comparison and enhancement
  • Remove scratches and dust based on your personal wishes

Outsource Jewelry Photo Retouching Services to Photo Retouching Up

The photo retouching up is a business that can rely on all the retouching services you need to make your jewelry. Our experts will correct any imperfections, regardless of whether your photographs of jewelry are taken for technical or commercial purposes. Our photo editors work on your pictures to keep your potential buyers in mind.

Our main objective in this otherwise dog-eat industry is to make the pictures sharper and sparkler so that you can have an advantage on your rivals. The customers include jewelers, distributors, wholesalers, etc. The wonderful and outstanding pictures of your jewellery photos and your business will make sure the majority of customers visiting your site are won over by our best quality photo editing services.

You can see one of the needs of Jewelry photography sphere - it requires a lot of time and effort. Jewelry traders have to do a lot of work to successfully announce their products. Jewelry editing must be presented in the most interesting way. The following services are exactly what you need for this purpose.

Our jewelry retouching services include:

• Color correction is a must-have thing in jewelry editing process.

• Adjusting contrast and improving shadows.

• Removing zits, unnecessary spots from the items.

• Making additional shining to the photos for a stunning look.

• Making additional shining to the photos for a stunning look.

• Deleting defects in order to make the best and most sold item's catalog.

• In jewelry editing pay close eye to the keystone and pick-ups.

• All Photoshop commands should be made naturally and without “over retouched” effect.

• Background retouching required in every jewelry editing direction. Clear background – big sales.

Our jewelry photography retouching company provides reliable prices which ensure the right choice of doing its relevance and business. We do not only provide reasonable and pocket-friendly jewelry photo editing but a quality that you can make sure to review our effective photo reminiscent of the sample.

We have two jewelry photo editing levels - Pro and High End. It does not make any sense because we're not retouching the basic jewelry.

Jewellery Photo Retouching Services Price:

Basic Retouch

$2Per Image

    Services applied:

  • * Clipping path and background removal
  • * Light & color corrections
  • * Poor contrasts adjustment
  • * Gaps repairing
  • * Picture resizing
  • * Natural shadow adding
  • * Elimination of minor product defects
  • * Basic clipping path

Pro Level

$5Per Image

    Services applied:

  • * Clipping path and background removal
  • * Add shinning to the gemstones
  • * Following the clients style
  • * Unwanted elements removal
  • * Dust / Poor Reflection removal
  • * Highlights & shades improvement
  • * Drop shadow and mirror effect
  • * Color changing

Jewellery Photo Retouching Services Sample:

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