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Color Variants & Color Correction

For eCommerce retailers, it's essential to showcase the full range of your product variety. However, it is not always possible to identify each variation. And for photographers, color correction saves valuable editing time so you can focus on client satisfaction rather than post-processing.


Color variations are helpful if you add a new color to an existing product line. You didn't have the time or budget to shoot all product variants while shooting, or you didn't have access to a different image or color option. Because regardless of the color variations, services can save you valuable time and create a positive customer and client experience.

Send us your pictures and get back to focusing on your business - we will deliver high-quality, natural-looking colorfast and affordable.


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What are color variants?


Color variants/color change -or color corrections - are when an image manipulated to be a different color. There are times when creating a visual effect requires a color change that will delight your clients, match the aesthetics of your brand, or make customers buy your product.


How to do color variants


Photoshop's Match Color command can help you change the color of just one or more images. It only works in RGB mode.

Color range mode lets you select a color or range of colors from your original image. This mode can help to recreate the subjects' faces, as it automatically detects and selects the faces.


Color Picker and iDroper are other Photoshop tools that you can use. In the end, it depends on why you are performing color correction post-processing techniques.

Color correction

When to use color variants

* You want to change the color of the product in the photo, keeping everything else in order - so customers can easily compare color options


* A natural photoshoot does not accurately capture the real-life color of the product


* Introducing a new product on an existing product line and can't shoot a new one for it


* You only have one or a few color samples for the photoshoot, and when you get these images, no time or money needs for a new shoot.


* When you have a long list of SQs to shoot with, it's better to take a picture of one color variation for each

When not to use color variants

* You sell one-of-a-kind, unique or Made by hand items that are not easily replicated


* When the product is not available in all the colors you want to represent visually

Generally, it is good to use a combination of ghost standard and live models. Ghost Mannequin provides consistency for images in your original product thumbnails and websites or catalogs, but live models add a human and relativity factor. It puts the products in context for customers.


Color change image editing at PhotoRetouchingUp

We have learned a lot about color variations and color correction in Clipping Path India. We had the opportunity to edit more than 8.5 million photos, which allowed us to improve our technology.


When we want to show all the available color variants available for your product, we use an image of the product and a picture of each color. It allows us to ensure that the product is the same in all variants, except that the color is just that.


In some cases, it helps you get an edited image that looks more like a product in real life than a natural shot frame. Customers want to see pictures representing realistic expectations so that you can get a closer look at a product's interior.


Businesses thrive when you give your customers an excellent shopping experience. And we know how important it is to provide natural-looking photos that create that experience all at a fair price.

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