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Headshot Photo Retouching Service

Headshot and Portrait are mostly interchanged in their usage. Headshot is generally a close up shot that consist of the head and shoulders, it is a picture of the person`s face while a portrait is a shot of the person, it captures the personality of the subject. The options are limitless in portrait as it is either full, half, ¾ or close up shots.

Headshot Photo Retouch differs with respect to gender. This is the reason why expertise is always required in Photoshop retouching. Men look better in dark colors that tend contrast tomore impact and masculinity. Men’s retouch doesn’t need too many colors, retouching only consists in the glare areas of the face, straighten of the face, skin smoothening etc. Women on the other hand find their beauty as one of their greatest assets, hereby retouching a woman’s headshot is more of a makeover which consist of enhanced lips, smoother skin, perfect and skin color which captures audience attention. But irrespective of man or woman, Headshots photo retouch happens to be a photoshopping done across the face and shoulder. 

Headshot Photo Retouch consists of the following services;

• Eyes pop

• Color correlation

• Removal of eye bags

• Object removal

• Dodge and burn

• Skin retouching

• Remove stray hair

Removal or replacing of background is another technique which can be applied in headshot photo retouch.


Scroll down to learn about the specifics our headshot retouchers provide.

Headshot retouching

Professional retouching headshots

During the Headshot Recharge, many start-up photographers show the picture fake. The main challenge is not very smooth and plastic skin appearance. We guarantee to keep Photoshop headshots up to date when you're free from unnecessary things in the face and background. Our heads are checked by our retoucher head before each picture we receive from our customers personally go out. The biggest advantage of outsourcing photo recharging is that you can use it with internet access everywhere.

Many photographers do not offer retouching as part of their package. Do not worry about how you can make a lookout professional with Photoshop in our company. It will be our job.

We are happy to let you know that our customers have come to us for many times our Headshot Recharge Service and faster change. Our quality of work is incomparable for us at cheap prices. Below you can read the main steps of editing the headshot and how our team offers you.


Headshot Photo Retouching Services Price:

Basic Retouch

$2Per Image

    Services applied:

  • * Face Skin Smoothening
  • * Whiten Teeth
  • * Color Correction
  • * Background removal (Simple Editing Out)
  • * Stray Hairs Retouching
  • * Wrinkles Editing (Face)
  • * One color Background Extending
  • * Red Eyes Effect Fixing
  • * Skin Imperfections, Scars Removal

Pro Level

$5Per Image

    Services applied:

  • * Glasses Glare Correction
  • * Changing Colors of Clothes/Image Items
  • * Swapping Heads/Body Parts
  • * Background removal (Complex Cutting Out)
  • * Clothes Smoothening
  • * Clipping Path (Complex Cutting Out)
  • * One color Background Extending
  • * Dodge and Burn Effect
  • * Changing Colors of Clothes/Image Items

Headshot Photo Retouching Services Sample:

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