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Wedding Photo Editing Services

"PhotoRetouchingUp" wedding photo retouching is your 24 hours photo editing service, professional photo editing, stylish color correction for wedding photos, natural portrait enhancement, and beautiful wedding photography edit. Low cost, high-quality wedding photo retouching, seasonal discounts, and satisfied feedback are guaranteed.


If you need hundreds of wedding photos editing but the next wedding photoshoot is planned for tomorrow? Looking for a wedding photo editing service online In the fastest time and still confirm the top quality? A good eye for a $ 2,000 DSLR camera and photo protection cannot guarantee a perfect magazine wedding image, but you have elements that cannot control like the light in the church, and its fourth glamorous face of a brimmed glass after champagne. Now it is time to use the online wedding photography post-production service to increase your wedding photo from pro levels.

We are ready to help you in a peak wedding season editing and realize the most creative ideas through Photoshop and Lightroom.

The photos of weddings have romantic qualities, which are not only associated with the bridegroom but also with their family and friends, and their beauty means so much. Often color changes, light reflections or any other unexpected events can harm their overall interest and adversely affect a sweet memory of a perfect moment for a photo.

Photo retouching facilities for wedding photographers can be used to achieve the desired results. Snaps are a critical job for each professional photographer after they are clicked on. Through appointing a professional company to handle the editing section, professional photographers can save considerable time. You will totally devote your time to clicking fantastic shoots and attracting more customers if you're a fashion photographer.

You will grow as a better professional photographer in due course, by focusing solely on what you are skilled in. You should remain anxiety free and rest assured that photographs are processed in a suitable way and that the updated versions are available within the preset deadline. Since the editing of images is done by professional photo editors, the clients will be delighted with pictures.

Our photo editing facilities are professionally supplied and all our editors are capable of applying advanced wedding photo editing techniques properly. Editing wedding images is one of the main tasks we frequently conduct, and in this area we can provide a high level of service.

Why contact professional wedding photo editing services providers like us?

Better photos of the wedding are no easy matter. It takes more photo editing experience to use successful photo editing software to incorporate correct effects and to eliminate undesirable effects. Editing or re-touching each of the pictures can take longer before you hit serious, eye catch and expected results. We are an external wedding photo editing service providing great photo editing for your special moments that you can not recover in your life.

In Photoshop, Illustrator and Lightroom our image editing experts have excellent knowledge, so that your image can be visualized in a better way. Each photo is taken in special attention and minute details are edited for exhilarating pictures in your image.

Our post-processing solutions in wedding photography include

Marriage establishes moments of life, the most enjoyable stuff these moments can represent. We deliver state-of- the-art marriage picture post-processing services including a variety of services like:

Photo culling services

We use the most appealing and artistic photographs based on the time, the number of shots, the exposures and various other factors, and we remove unnecessary photos from the catalogue.

Raw image conversion

Usually, it is a time consuming process to convert RAW picture files into other formats. With suitable tools we can easily convert RAW images and guarantee that the desired results are achieved.

Portrait photo retouching

This is a critical part of the process of editing marriage photography. The contemporary photography of marriages is based on high-quality results, including beautiful bridal portraits. Our professional designers have carefully designed our image retouching kit to meet the most special customer requirements.

Wedding photo album designing

Our services are designed to share the memories of your wonderful day. Our graphic designers are able to create professional albums for wedding pictures, engagement pictures and pre-marriage pictures.

Wedding Photography Edit Benefits

1.***  Wedding photo editing rate starts at $ 0.10 of every image. Image Killing - $ 0.10 per image, color correction - from $0.30 per image. To save your money on volume orders, take two wedding photo packages back.

2.*** Your photographic style is the following: Wedding photo retouching is done according to your preferences and instructions. Only adult results are received for reconsideration. we wedding photo editing and retouching  until you are completely satisfied

3.*** Very easy order placing and payment systems.

4.*** Professional group of talented wedding photo retouchers and digital artists with years of experience in the event photography and wedding photo editing.

5.*** Friendly and ready customer support to answer your questions about 24/7 photo editing and registration.


Wedding Photo Editing Pricing


$0.10Per Image

    Services applied:

  • * We charge for all submitted photos
  • * All damaged or duplicate images will be deleted
  • * Culling under our clients' requirements
  • * We can choose the star images in LR catalogue
  • * We do culling in 3-4 steps

Color Correction

$0.30Per Image

    Services applied:

  • * White balance
  • * Contrast adjustment
  • * Exposure correction
  • * Cropping and Straightening
  • * Sharpening, Noise reduction and Matching your style

Wedding Photo Retouching Services Sample:

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Wedding Photo Editing & Retouching Services
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