Image Copyright

All images sent to Photo Retouching Up. All images transmitted to K will be considered the property of the Clients. We do not claim ownership of any images submitted through the transmission channel, including cloud storage, email or FTP accounts.

We do not publish your images in search engines or in any other way. We use secure cloud servers and FTP accounts for image file exchange. Even our office has strict file sharing protocols, which allow us to block image transfer from our staff. Therefore, your images are used with completely internally rigorous control measures.

Your images are very safe with us. However, if we need to use any or all of your image as a portfolio, we will never post it without your prior consent.
User Information Collection

PhotoRetouchingUp when this information is voluntarily provided, only certain and personal data of its website visitors is received. PhotoRetouchingup does not say enough to ask you to opt-in to any of our email listings.

User data, including contact information, purchase behavior, payment behavior, etc. are used solely by Photo Retouching up, Inc. We do not sell or disclose user data to any third party. However, we may use user data for the purpose of showing custom ads and offers through online advertising. However, most of the advertising platforms we use are protected and your emails are not disclosed to any other party.

PhotoRetouchingUp has security measures in place to protect the data provided during visitor purchase. Our employees must protect the confidentiality of this national data. We want our visitors and customers to feel that their privacy is protected when visitors purchase services from their account or PhotoRetouchingUp. Because PhotoRetouchingUp wants the accuracy of the information and usage information it receives about its visitors and customers, PhotoRetouchingUp will try to verify its information and inform customers of any mistakes or omissions that consumers may be aware of through their online account data and bills.
Email Policy

PhotoRetouchingUp will not sell or publish your emails to third parties unless approved by the visitor. When advertising certain email lists, we may use your email and other contact information. However, for online advertising we host your email and contact information in most places are safe and secure.

PhotoRetouchingUp does not send “junk” emails, also known as “spam”. In certain cases, PhotoRetouchingUp will use e-mail to communicate with customers via e-mail, respond to messages, confirm purchases or transmit information requested by a visitor.

When a subscriber or visitor receives an e-mail that they do not want from PhotoRetouchingUp, the customer can always opt out of further e-mails. Contact us for
User Browsing Behavior – Web Analytics

PhotoRetouchingUp From time to time, it may only collect generic information to determine the success and effectiveness of its website. This generic information, which does not reveal the identity of the visitor, may include: what website the visitor has visited, how much time people spend on different pages of the site, and the visitor’s encouraged web page. PhotoRetouchingUp uses this information to determine customer service needs. In the future, PhotoRetouchingUp may leverage its technical capabilities to collect information about visitors to enhance the services offered to visitors and customers.
Cookies Policy

PhotoRetouchingUp, It values the privacy of its customers and business partners and is dedicated to complying with all laws relating to the protection of personal data. We use cookies to provide a better user experience for web content and resources. Some functions of the site may not function properly without cookies, e.g. Showing custom banners, offers and videos.

Cookies are small files sent from our server to your browser. When accessing our server, cookies are sent back to your browser unlettered. Data is used to collect user selections and to follow user trends and search marks. Cookies do not recognize you. PhotoRetouchingUp does not and cannot use cookies to retrieve particularly identifiable data except as voluntarily provided by our visitors. We cannot retrieve data from your hard drive or infect computer viruses. Cookies also identify visitors to our web site based on your online behavior. Most browsers automatically opt in to cookies, but you can change your browser settings to prevent opting out automatically.

We use various third party cookies to identify user and usage behaviors. Third-party cookies are enabled each time you visit a page or interact with web resources. This helps our team and our various tracking tools identify the most useful and interesting stuff for you. Therefore, it enables us to gain better insights on our user experience and to take the necessary steps or corrective measures to provide you the best user experience.

We also use cookies to provide advertising messages and custom offers on other relevant websites. Since we don’t spam your email, it helps us reach our custom messages and offers through our online advertising. You can always opt out of our offers and decline cookies at any time.
Privacy Policy Updates

This Privacy Policy will be updated periodically to reflect any such changes in Photo Retouching up practice. If you have any privacy issues or concerns, please feel free to email us at We have the ultimate respect for your copyright and privacy.