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High-End Photo Retouching Services

It is almost impossible to get a perfect picture at single click of a camera, although technology has helped to get professional results in photography by bringing about expensive, high-tech cameras with intense lenses but there is always a lot done on snapped pictures to give that excellent image.

Have you picked up a Hollywood or fashion magazine and stare at your celebrities in awe at their pictures? Well those pictures don’t just happen because ofprofessional photographers or camera quality. There are group of top professionals’ photo retouch experts that deliberate on the retouching techniques to apply so as to enhance their pictorial looks.

Retouching involves bringing out the best out a person. This means ensuring the colas, shapes, contours and skin are realistic and well matched while making sure it is as natural as possible.

portrait retouching

In High end retouching, it entails keeping details of the image intact while retaining its natural atmosphere. This technique requires patience with subtle elements and extra ordinary artistic modifications and the use of modern high-endcriteria to improve the quality and final outlook of the image.

High end retouching consists of the following services;

• Teeth whitening

• Virtual makeover

• Removing stray hairs

• Color correction/enhancing

• Liquidity

• Shadow removal

• Skin retouching

• Wrinkles, spots, eye backs removal

• Exposure editing

• Saturation & contrast modification

• Removing distracting objects 

• Background enhancement

Due to the camera lens, it can affect any playing image. Because of our experience, we will always offer optimal variant adjustments depending on your expectation from our post-processing service for your photographer.

High-end Skin Retouching

High end retouching services can be tedious as it takes about 45mins to over hours per image and that is the reason high end Photoshop retouching services is suggested for weddings or red carpet/showbiz photo-shoots.

Below are some of the softwares used in the high-end retouching service.

• Face filter 3

• Movari

• Portrait Pro 

• Luminar

• Alien Skin Software xs4

• Digital Anarchy Beauty Box Photo 3

• Topaz detail

• NikColor EfexPro4

• ON1 Photo Raw etc.……

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