Are your eBay rivals getting higher costs than you on similar kinds of things? Frequently the contrast between getting an OK price and an extraordinary one for your items is in how well your things look in the photographs.

Taking the best photo for eBay photographs is a huge point, and we can’t cover everything here, except the central angle to taking incredible pictures, paying little heed to-.

  • eBay photo guide. Lighting for eBay photo.
  • eBay photography set up.
  • For knowing about these three matters, continue reading the article.

How to take a picture for eBay with a white background?

To take a white background exit the photograph, you will require many lights on the actual foundation.

Move the thing far enough from the foundation that the thing’s shadow lessens.

Another alternative is to backdrop illumination the whole foundation if your things are adequately little to represent that way. That strategy additionally disposes of thing shadows.

The glare is currently more regrettable. However, you ought to have the option to address that issue by checking your focal point and the lights’ situation in your arrangement.

eBay photo guide:

Your items should stand apart from the group, both on eBay and on outside web crawlers. These pointers can make your things resemble 1,000,000 bucks for both work area and versatile purchasers.

  • Use white foundations to expand your posting’s permeability.
  • Turn off the glimmer and utilize delicate, diffused lighting.
  • Keep things consistent. Utilize amount.
  • Take high-goal photographs so your thing will look alluring on screens of all shapes and sizes.
  • Fill the casing with your thing.
  • Photograph your thing from all points, and catch its subtleties and flaws.
  • Capture the characteristic shades of your thing.
  • No channels essential.
  • Include some nitty-gritty close-up shots.
  • Avoid utilizing props.

To get rank up with your product photo on eBay following eBay’s product photo requirements has no alternatives.

Take a picture for eBay with a white background.

Apart from all the eBay photo requirements, white background product photo is one of the major ones, and it is more of a same for most of the online stores as well. So without wasting any time let us see how to take picture for eBay with white background.

Well, there is nothing extraordinary or expensive to do to achieve it, so you don’t need to panic at all. We can use a white backdrop to get the background white, and this backdrop can be anything such as white paper, clothes, or even walls.

So you have to set up your product photography studio with a white background but what if you already shot an image and later you come to know that it needs to have a white background. In that case, only the product photo editing is what you can do to achieve it.

Using Adobe Photoshop cc 2021, you can go with some simple steps and quickly get the background white. You can read our article named, how to get the white background in the picture to get the full Photoshop tutorial for changing the background.

Lighting for eBay photo:

To get delicate lighting, you need an approach to diffuse it. There are two strategies we’ll discuss here: lightboxes and umbrellas.


Lightboxes encompass your thing with light-diffusing texture. They likewise give an implicit setting and structure a reasonably simple approach to get equitably, pleasantly lit photographs with a transparent foundation.

Umbrella Lights:

For taking eBay photographs, lighting with umbrellas is ideal. They give pleasant even light, and you can move them around, closer or farther away, relying upon the size of the thing you’re taking shots right now.

It isn’t a professional picture taker quality, yet the cost is correct, and it does the work for taking eBay photographs.

eBay photography set up:

Many individuals are terrified to sell on eBay because taking photographs appears to be so messy. You are not a picture taker, getting the lighting correctly, and the foundation on the off chance.

Photographs are a truly significant piece of your posting since they are the solitary way your purchaser perceives purchasing. Purchasers can’t get a thing or turn it around to take a gander at it. It would be best if you did that for them with your photographs.

Try not to stress on the off chance that you are not an expert photographic artist. You needn’t bother with an extravagant camera. All you require is a mobile phone or a simple to use the camera, and you will be set.

You might need to take somewhat more time with specific things. However, generally, snapping a couple of pics will your cell will be OK.

Make sure to take photographs of the thing from all points and show all imperfections, stains, and so on.

Frequently Ask Question:

1.For what reason did eBay resign Picture Manager?
– Resigning Picture Manager permitted us to zero in our assets on a solitary eBay picture stage, eBay Picture Services (EPS). This gives us the incredible capacity to convey quality pictures and best in class picture highlights for your eBay postings at a severe cost.

Seeing how to take photographs for eBay can have a significant effect between a deal and a lemon. Realizing how to take picture for eBay with a white background can have an immense impact on values, yet there’s significantly more to being a fruitful merchant.

Selling on eBay for Beginners and eBay Business Models are incredible spots to begin.

eBay photographs should be splendid and clear. They shouldn’t be taken with a DSLR and altered for quite a long time. Time is cash.

Your photographs can be accepted without being altered for quite a long time. That sits around and cuts into your benefit.