The days have passed when people have come to only read content online. The web must now look more interesting than words. The user is convinced to stay on the Web with eye-catching visuals and fascinating content, particularly on e-commerce sites. Images play an important role in creating the website’s perspective. To create a website with these interesting images or graphics, you will need graphic design software that can help you improve the pictures, models, and text that will be shown on this website. If you are a beginner in graphic designing then this article is for you. Today I am going to talk about top graphic design software for beginners.

List of best Graphic design software for graphic designers (2020)

  • PhotoShop
  • GIMP
  • Illustrator
  • Inkscape
  • CorelDraw

Best Graphic design software for beginners (Review)

Adobe Photoshop CC

It never was so fascinating the road leading to photo editing. The automated options carry your photos to life and make your job a’ community speaker’ even if you’re a newbie. Using Photoshop, multiple images can be conveniently mixed with even unwanted artifacts. This provides basic features such as correction of perspective, mixing channels, and clone stamp.

Adobe Photoshop can be installed on both windows and mac platforms. Photoshop is also seen by simpler solutions such as one of the best graphic design software for beginner.

Main features of adobe Photoshop cc:

  • Basic: Cropping, straightening, rotating and flipping.
  • Auto-Fix: One-touch adjustment.
  • Blemish Removal: Capable of removing any picture spot or dirt.
  • Color: Diagonal controls to boost picture colors.
  • One-Touch filter: 20 striking effects from which to choose.
  • Image Rendering: Panoramic image option.
  • Borders: Add your personal touch.
  • RAW photo support: RAW format support.
  • Sharing: Sites such as Facebook, Revel, Snapchat, Tumblr, etc.


  • Video editing is smooth.
  • The crop tool is quite effective.
  • Performance is highly improved.


  • No perpetual license.
  • The interface is crushing.
  • Some tools lack progress in bar visibility.

GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program)

Adobe Photoshop is the perfect alternative to GIMP or GNU Image Manipulation. The devices are suitable not only for graphic designers but also for photographers. The functionality is improved for photo manipulation. The versatility of this tool enables crystalline graphics to be produced. When you start with GIMP, your key desktop publishing tool will certainly come to the pedestal. The interface can be totally customized and you can also view and edit the full-screen mode simultaneously. Yes, the full functionality is not available.

However, you will enjoy a great experience with many features. The OS X, Windows, and other OS GIMP is operating on Gnu / Linux. It has a strong support group as a cross-compatible graphic design program. This is, in the end, one of the most relevant choices for start-up graphic design applications. The difference between GIMP and Photoshop can be reviewed.


  • The UI is bright and modern.
  • Very easy to use.
  • It comes with single windows usage.


  • Have a few bugs.
  • Struggles with Cintiq tablets in the initial stage.


If you are interested in creating logos, sketches, typographic, icons or even complex video or smartphone images by means of vectors, Illustrator is your device. By drawing pixel-perfect forms you will create artworks with seamless alignment. The design could never be faster with Illustrator. Illustrator comes with its own plugins which help to make a blank web page brilliant. Some plugins are designed for older Ai versions and are excited about new features, such as Creative Cloud, which make them an ideal graphical design software. You can use the software on both your mobile and your Mac as part of the Creative Cloud. Illustrator vs Photoshop, Lightroom vs Photoshop, and Corel vs Photoshop are available.


  • The touch-type tool is awesome.
  • The tool is very easy to use for free transformation.
  • Availability for Windows and Mac.


  • The price is high.


Inkscape is a technical platform that is suitable for vector artists who use SVG file formats. This tool is also ideal for Windows, Linux, OS, and Mac. Whether you’re a specialist or just someone who wants to create vector images for a personal blog doesn’t matter. In terms of drawing, painting or illustration it is very convenient to use Inkscape. Documents can be read easily with the Ghost script extension.eps. The difference between Inkscape and Illustrator can be checked. Inkscape also has great features such as:

  • Ability to directly edit the source code.
  • Keys to move screen pixels.
  • Edit clones on the canvas.
  • Edit gradients.
  • Fill paint-bucket with one click.


  • Absolutely free.
  • Endless Filters.
  • New effect tools as a bonus.


  • Extremely slow.


Are you an aspiring web designer looking for a graphics editor that enables you to produce limitless designs while simultaneously perfecting your skills? If so, you might want to view CorelDraw, one of the currently popular industry-standard publishers, as a vector graphics editor. CorelDraw has cool efficient and user-friendly functions that can not suit any other vector editor.

The tools provide you with full control to ensure fast and realistic performance. You also get an integrated organizer (Corel CONNECT) with CorelDraw version X5 and later.

Eating the vector object was never so simple with devices such as Twirl, Smear, Repel and Attract. You can arrange the objects according to your requirements with the Alignment Guide. CorelDraw works smoothly in Corel Photo-Paint with large files, making them indispensable in the catalog of software design graphics. It can also support Barcode Wizard, Bitstream Font Navigator, etc. It also supports devices. Further CorelDRAW checkout.


  • Interface customization is ideal.
  • The design is very fresh.
  • The training videos are very helpful.
  • Choose from a perpetual license or subscription.
  • The right-click gives awesome vectorization.
  • Shaping docker gives maximum usage.


  • No Mac version.
  • Tools are hard to learn for newbies.
  • Navigation is not easy.
  • The navigation board is not visible.
  • The freehand brush is hard to use.

Which graphic design software tool do you need to use for designing?

As a graphic designer, it is important to know which graphic design method is to use. The competition is not easy to pick the right one, but Photoshop is the best with so many available software. The design of a website and the cumbersome coding can lead to the development of some extremely fascinating websites that are professional looking. You can design these websites in a matter of minutes with TemplateToaster website building software. You can bring life to your dream in almost three stages. 

This website is generally compatible with almost any digital design tool so that you can interact with them flexibly. And so build websites that are nothing short of visual masterpieces. You must also read Important Photo Editing and Logo Design software to beginners and top wireframe tools for UI / UX designers if you are looking for video compression.

If you want to do image editing, Adobe Photoshop, and GIMP are the best choice.