Often as a photographer, you’ll find you need background removal services. Background removal helps with product photography, creative portrait photography, and much more, helping provide either a white background or the ability to change the background to a location of your choosing.

With an industry experience of 12 years, Flatworld Solutions offers efficient background removal services at affordable prices. We have an exclusive photo editing team which uses the latest software to remove or alter the background from a variety of photographs and prepare them for further image editing, if required. Our services include –

  • Background Removal ServicesThe photo editors at Flatworld Solutions have the experience and expertise to remove or alter the backgrounds of your photographs, so that the final image is created the way you imagined.
  • Background Cleaning ServicesWe also offer background-cleaning services, which are related to background removal services. With our background cleaning services, we can take old or damaged images and touch them up so that the backgrounds are clear and sharp, removing any stains and discolorations and making the necessary edits to keep that image looking its best.

For any type of background removal or editing services, our team is the best choice for your affordable image editing needs.

Background Removal Services We Offer

Flatworld Solutions has an exclusive team that can provide background removal services for individuals and businesses, in both small and large quantity. We offer some of the most affordable rates available today, with a fast turnaround and expert service that shows in our customer satisfaction. Our background removal services include:

  • Removing Objects and People from a Background – When an image is “near perfect” and you need some small part of it removed, we can delete that portion and replace it with the realistic background
  • Changing the Background Color – We can alter a background color or eliminate the background completely (which is popular with product photography and stock images)
  • Adding or Removing Watermark – If required, we can also carefully remove any watermark from an image and replace it with the correct background. If you you’re your own watermark that you would like to add as part of our services, we can provide that as well
  • Removing Dark Spots – Used often in background cleaning, we can take old photographs that have faded and dark spots, and restore them to look like new again
  • Background Editing – We also offer background editing services, so if you need the color contrast of the photo edited, or you need the image to be brighter, or you have some other background edits that you would like, we can provide those as well

With decades of image editing experience between our team members here at Flatworld Solutions, our background removal and editing team saves you time and provides affordable experts at your fingertips.